Recordatio I. és II. / 2014 / installáció an Ericsson Galériában, Budapest / változó méret
Recordatio I. and II. / 2014 / installation in the Ericsson Gallery, Hungary


Hide and show the memories, through different ways, research and reflect their meanings in an interactive way.
I use Polaroid pictures and cover them by a special thermo paint, what is normally black, but becomes transparent if it's temperature rises.  When the viewer watch my work, a moving sensor turn on a special heating system behind the photo and because of the heat, my work become visible.
In this way I can repeat the process of the recall again and again. Like when we remember our memories.
I invite the viewer to get involve with the artwork, that's why I use the thermo paint.
The observer can only enjoy the works for a few seconds, by creating a personal contact with them. The time of the waiting defines the intensity of the experience as well.